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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sorry Trinidad Express, We Need Real News

Why Mama I Switching To The Trinidad Guardian

"Tonz, did you get my newspaper?".

My mother called out to me as she usually do every morning. She is a new junkie, an addict to news; newspaper. TV and radio.  Recently, she figured out how to get more news on her smart phone.

In my humble opinion, citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, along with the rest of the world were all totally blown away when Donald Trump won the elections in the US.

We in the Caribbean, loved Obama and anything he say we should do, we do.  If he ran in the Caribbean he would lose.

Since then, the Trinidad Express has been milking the elections. Almost like creating news from speculations. The Donald said that as soon as he took office he will be deporting over 11 million illegal aliens.

The Express kept busting headlines, one after the other, almost as if they want to make the populace jittery about what Trump will do when he takes office in January.

Here's the headline story for yesterday Trump To Deport 3 Million with the implication that we in Trinidad and Tobago will be faced with receiving an overwhelming number of deportee.

Maybe the circulation increased yesterday because today there is a new headline. the Express Editor in Chief is on a roll.

Today's head line: "No Room For Deportees" with a sub headline that PM Rowley saying that all citizens has to be accepted.  Like they expected him to say, no these deportees are no longer welcomed in T&T.

But here is the real story behind the head line, talk about scaring people: Deportees Already Coming
Think about it, a deportee just decides that since Trump won he got on a plane and is coming home. What nonsense. After reading that you will understand.

The story implies that people who are in the US illegally, not deportee, maybe coming home now.  (Remember it's 3 million of them)

Why would the Express do this?

Even today's editorial is all about Trump On The Backs of Angry Voters

Need to report relevant news? Need to increase circulation? Sincerely believing that what is happen in the US now must be important to T&T citizens?  Whatever the intention the affect is that this topic becomes the topic of the day.

Wrong direction but let's go for the ride.

Imagine if you are illegal in the US and you are in touch with home, you would be trembling, feeling really apprehensive.

But people here are thinking, we have enough problems, we don't need more criminal deportees here.  Asking PM Rowley answers about whether he would accept deportees is another attempt to create news from nothing. .

We need answers on:

  • Life Sport and the over $400 million dollars?
  • On the 8 HDC officials indicted now at the DPP for prosecution?
  • What is happening with the lands sold and leased in Chargaramas?
  • Dana Seethahal assassination or hit whichever you prefer, even
  • The price of oil and what we are doing to diversify the economy

This could go on for awhile, but we will stop there....

We are not going to see 3 million deportees here.  Far from it. In addition, the National Security Minister Dillion can make inquiries to the US now and find out the number of Trinis now facing deportation.

Instead the Express is attempting to scare the citizens of T&T with non news.

Yes there must be preparations made, and yes  Mr. Wayne Chance should be included in the preparations.  But please, don't use the good he has been doing to sensationalize the news.

Tell us what we want to hear about, not make up stories with no real bases. What Donald Trump says does not constitute a national disaster, don't sensationalize prospective possibilities to sell newspapers; this is news, things that happened already, not fortune telling.

Today even my mother says she is fed up with the Express and the news they are reporting.  Last  Sunday and Monday she read the Guardian and felt the news was more relevant.  She is seriously thinking about switching to the Guardian for her daily paper.

People want news real news, so many people feel that hearing the news keeps them in touch alive. But when the media fabricates news to increase circulation, Houston has a problem.

Here is an example of the news that should be news but is buried on page 9 if today's Trinidad Express.  1000 New Diabetic Cases Annually in T&T  Doctors Say we are "2 times the global average".  No link because it was trumped by politics, more important how many deportees to expect,

To learn more about the problem we are having with diabetes here  read the Trinidad Newsday article "11 Among Top Countries With Diabetes"

The media should hold themselves responsible to report real news, not what they think will happen,  Leave that to the priest and pastors in the land.

Vote for real news. .


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Is It Because We Don't Understand China?

Saturday, August 6, 2016

3rd World War - America vs China

Alarmist or Real Possibility?

When you are aware of the possibilities there are no surprises.

What affect would a war between America and China have on the Caribbean?

The affects would be very adverse to every Caribbean island from Cuba to Trinidad and Tobago.

Remember we are all hosts and owe significant sums to the Chinese.  Read a past post "Is China Colonizing The Caribbean?"

We have allowed the Chinese to become entrenched in every community.

Their modus operandi for smooth almost invisible infiltration are restaurants, grocery stores.

Lately, in Trinidad, you can't swing a dead dog without hitting a Chinese restaurant; they are sprouting up everywhere faster than tomatoes.

That is where it started, in the last few years, the have gone into the grocery food business. Large supermarkets have also began to spout up everywhere.

The real question that most of us are not asking is.

How could a Chinese immigrant who cannot even speak English, come to Trinidad and open a super duper grocery store?

Let's assume you come here with enough funds to open a grocery store as large as the stores that have been opening up in all the major commercial areas of Trinidad and Tobago.

You live in China, you have enough funds to open a grocery store in a tiny twin island like Trinidad and Tobago.  A place where, the people are accepting and really will not pay attention to the fact that you are control the very thing that they need to stay alive; food. .

Food is important, but even more important is money.  How could the Chines get a much free money from a country?  Have them give it to you with the hope that you will give them more than they gave you.

In other words, gambling.  It is a sure way to get money without having to work for it.  Did you notice how many Chinese run casinos are popping up in Trinidad?

People will do anything for money,  Gambling is the perfect money trap.  The Chinese know this.

Do you?

What would you do if suddenly you could not get food or money?

Who has and controlling both in Trinidad and the Caribbean?

View this video and you decide.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

In Jail Since Big Bird Was a Humming Birdl, Without A Trial

3 Trending Items In Trinidad & Tobago March 4th 2016

1. Express Headline: I enjoyed the freedom, I eh touch no gun, knife, ice-pick *

An Unjust Justice System: What will it take before the people in power realize that something has to be done with the judicial system in Trinidad and Tobago.  The entire judiciary system is a remnant of colonialism.  Old laws, old systems that have not kept up with the changing times.  

We just keep doing what we were told is the right thing to do.  How could anyone justify someone waiting 12 years for a trial.  Guilty until proven innocent, this could be you or a family member. When you this is put in the light of the incredible efficiency of our law enforcement agencies, something has to be done. . 

This is just one case, when people are  put in a position where they feel their backs are against a wall there is nothing else to do but do what any reasonable human being would do.  

In the meanwhile we have a judiciary that is allotted $10.1 million for travel, they use $9.5 million they say to keep abreast of advances in the international sphere.  .

According to one comment, are we getting value for our money?

The new administration should focus on this instead of bringing new legislation to increase the fines that penalize people for not keeping there property clear of mosquito hazards. 

Yes, that is important but not nearly as important as reforming the criminal justice system in this country.  Let's get our priorities rights. 

2. Express Headline:  World figures deny wrongdoing *

Th Panama Papers; Of course we there.  There is not one incident in the world that we, that is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago is not present.  Remember the last incident in Paris, we were there, in Georgia Russia, we where there.  A citizen of TnT has been identified as being one of the "millionaires" who is hiding money in offshore accounts. According to the Daily Express:

"Express investigative journalist Camini Marajh reported exclusively yesterday that business consultant Ken Emrith who was once associated with the United National Congress (UNC) used a Panamanian Shell Corporation to channel millions of US dollars to offshore bank accounts including a US$1 million consultancy fee from a convicted money launderer connected to the Petrobras bribery scandal in Brazil". 

We wait with batted breath on more to surface. 

Is it a 2 Million Dollar Benz, turned into a 1 million dollar Benz after PM Rowley set the record right. Everyone is up in arms about this purchase.  He called the price at $970,000 and said he was told it was a good deal. Let's see what kind of a deal it was.

The newspaper reported that it was the S series, not mentioning which of the "S" but a check online revealed that the price of the most expensive 2016 Benz S600 puts the price at $376,000 USD.  That translates at $6.51 TTD per USD to a grand figure of  2,447,760.  

Maybe this is where the two million dollar figure came about. The S600 is the most expensive of the Benz S series so we could assume it was not a new S600 maybe an S500,  If we work backwards using the figure reported in the paper of $970,000 TTD ot $149,000 USD. 

That, according to what the PM was told, is a GREAT DEAL

Stop fussing, you take the donkey cart. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Glimpse Into the Belly of The Trinidad and Tobago' Criminal Justice System

Golden Grove Prison
For Too Many Paradise Becomes Hell

Shit happens. Lets face it, you are an accident or stone's throw away from losing your freedom.

A loud rapping sound on your door or a police road block in the company of the wrong people could land you in jail.

You could even lose it one day and loudly use the F word in the presence of the law and that too can land you in jail.  Never mind, that every 6 year old uses it and it is the common language with the people who arrest you.
No question, crime is bad but the solutions that we have in place makes it even worse. .

There are stories of grandmothers being dragged out and arrested because a grandchild hid marijuana in her house. The law is the law and when it is broken somebody or everybody must pay. The police has been known to arrest everyone in a car load of five people, with one joint. Here is a previous post that shares The Truth about marijuana, ganga, weed.

And by the way, no one was ever arrested when "a plant like substance" was reportedly found at the ex PM residence. "Some pigs are more equal than other" from the book Animal Farm.

Their when we look at the crime detection rate what we see is absolutely phenomenal.  In , in this age of crime detection gadgetry, they are still using humongous books to record reports of crime. We spend millions, billions on building empty structures, and the police cannot respond because there are no police cars.  Here are the current crime statistics for Trinidad and Tobago. .

The big question is; Why is it easier to detect crime in the United States with over 100 million people than in TnT with a population of just over 1 million?

The answer may be in an article buried in a recent Sunday Express  dated 20th Feb. 2016,  entitled, "Calls for minor offenses to be bail free"  (Sorry, could not find it online)

The article was focused on an address delivered by the Inspector of Prisons of Trinidad and Tobago, Daniel Khan, the highest ranking prison official.  According to the  article his points were as follows.
  • That the government should revoke the bail provisions in respect of minor offenses such as obscene language, and possession of marijuana, making those offenses bail free.
  • The system, is putting more poor people, i.e. people without property or the financial means to secure legal advice. 
  • Minor offenses make up 50% of the population in the Remand Yard, e.g. the Port of Spain Royal Jail where and average waiting time for a case to be called is 8 years.  Some cases takes as long as 10 years to be resolved. 
  • The Prison system is suffering from "Judicial Delay" because of the back log of cases.  Because of these delays prisoners are understandably angry and willing to risk life and limb to escape, like we saw recently in the still to be concluded daring daylight prison break from the Port of Spain jail.
The Inspector's conclusions were especially important to note.  The following is a direct quote from the article.

"Deterrent justice does not work because detection rates are so low; retributive justice doesn't work because u you are taking revenge then years later and rehabilitative justice does not work because the prison conditions are poor" 

The entire sistem needs to be reformed.  The question is who will do it. The sad part is that prisoners are not allowed to vote so the politician are not interested in the issue, that is until they land up there and at that point there is nothing they can do to reform the  system.  Typical catch 22.

View a video on why the war on drugs is such a failure.

The system is unforgiving, it is a system separated by class, property and financial standing.  In most cases it's the poor man and woman without property or required finances who feel full force of the justice system and all it shortcomings.

People who sit by and do nothing or say nothing is part of the problem.  A problem we as a people must fix, .The people who knows it best says it has to be fixed yet they are ignored in favor of the war on crime.  A war the police is losing everyday in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Calypso Monarch Results 2016 - Youth Take Over

Young Calypsonians Delivered a Major Upset at the Calypso Monarch 2016

The 2016 Calypso Monarch is stamped with the footprints of youth.  This year should be recorded in the calypso history books. The  year that the young generation took the calypso reigns.

Not one of the old calysonians placed in the finals.

During the show a friend commented that it is about time that old calypsonians like Chalkdust (Dr Hollis Liverpool) and Gypsy, (the former ex Minister, Winston Peters) should hang up their spurs and give way to the young blood.

According to him, they have made their mark, given their contribution and now should leave it to the youth to carry on.

As is was the younger generation represent the majority of finalists, and the performed admirably.  The winner is a new comer tho the scene, Devon Seale, and his two renditions were superbe.


Here is one of his songs that had the crowd raving,

He told the truth which will always hurt a target few.  The fact is that it could not have been put in a better way.  Cro Cro, another old calypsonian tried, and he did a great job, but at the finals the crowd totally loved Seale's rendition.Respect God's Voice. .

Second place winner was Helon Francis a Young King

Dethroned - The 2015 Calypso Monarch King Chucky, Roderick Gordon, placed third.

The following is the full results of Calypso Monarch 2016 competition.

1. Devon Seale – “Respect God's Voice”/”Spirit Of Carnival
2. Helon Francis – “Paradise”/”Real Bandits”
3. Roderick “Chucky” Gordon – “Fixing Time”/”It Eh Go Wuk”
4. Karene Asche – “Bring Back The Love”/”The Politics Of Spite”
5. Selvon “Mistah Shak” Noel – “Generation Next”/”#HYSM”
6. Dr Hollis “Chalkdust” Liverpool – “The Bad Road”/”When Trini Get Vex”
7. Heather Mc Intosh – “By Other Men's Fault”/”The Headquarters”
8. Victoria “Queen Victoria” Cooper-Rahim – “More Hope”/”The Aftershock”
9. Winston “Gypsy” Peters – “Too Many”/”Ship Of State”
10. Weston “Cro Cro” Rawlins – “Advice To The Boss”/”Ah Feel It For Gayle”
11. Carlos “Skatie” James – “Jus Come Chinee”/”Back On Track”
12. Marsha Davis “Lady Adanna” Clifton – “Murder A Day”/”My Music”

What do you think?  Is it time for the youths to take over or should the old time calypsoians stay in the competition?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Will H1N1 Stop Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2016?

Carnival 2016 Is Only One Month Away

There are reports that there have been 5 deaths due to H1N1 in Trinidad and Tobago.

My brother, who lives in Mayaro, called me a couple days ago and told me that it has been reported that his neighbor died last Friday. 

How did he get it? I asked. What was going through my mind is how a lone man in Mayaro would contact such a deadly virus.  He had to pick it up somewhere.

My brother responded in a voice thick with sarcasm; “Boi if I knew that answer I would not be talking to you. I would be talking to the Health Minister.”

I looked for that. “Well the virus had to get into Mayaro some way.  I responded sheepishly.

Of course I had to Google it.  This is what I found about how it spreads.

This is according to the United States Center for Disease, CDC

How does the 2009 H1N1 virus spread?
Spread of the 2009 H1N1 virus is thought to occur in the same way that seasonal flu spreads. Flu viruses are spread mainly from person to person through coughing, sneezing or talking by people with influenza. Sometimes people may become infected by touching something – such as a surface or object – with flu viruses on it and then touching their mouth or nose.  
After reading that page my question changed entirely. 

Why is there nobody talking about Carnival 2016 and the H1N1virus?

The conversation about this deadly disease and upcoming Carnival is being avoided. 

Is it that we are so concerned about the biggest show in the world that we are ignoring it like the “Hurricane” party at Smokey and Bunty?

No question, millions of dollars have already been invested in the upcoming Carnival 2016.  Trinbagonian are not ready to accept that there are serious consequences for ignoring this virus.

But you know what?  Here's my predictions. 

  1. Knowing my people there will be Old Mas renditions with H1N1 themes, 
  2. We may also have an entire band of H1N1 masquaraders
  3. Medical face masks will be a big seller for Carnival 2016, 
  4. Hawkers in the major cities will sell medical face masks at exorbitant prices. 
  5. The main stream media will ignore this question until the last minute.  

H1N1 will NOT stop the party.

Any predictions? 

Keep in touch and get updates when you like